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UNIVERSAL MARINE A/S Founded 2014, in Oslo, Norway.

We provide ship and offshore consultancy services, in addition to sales of maritime equipment.

We have a professional and dynamic team with 15 years of commercial experience from Europe, Asia and the Far East. Since our inception in 2014, we have joined forces with strategic partners in providing our shipowning clients with sustainable and cost efficient maritime solutions. We focus on green, innovative design and technologies in reducing shipowners environmental footprints.


UNIVERSAL MARINE A/S proactively work with partners and research centers with in-depth knowledge and experience in Ultrasound Technology, Ozone and Air Purification.

We deliver:

Ultrasonic antifouling systems preventing fouling in box coolers, sea chest and ships hull. Ozone plants for cleaning, disinfecting water and air for offshore vessels, fishing vessels and land-based industries.

Air purification systems for shipping, offshore and land-based industries.



Ultrasound Systems

Ultrasounds are sound-waves given specific lengths and frequencies. Ultrasonic antifouling systems are installed inside the vessels subject to the ships design. The systems operate in a mode where ultrasound frequencies are continuously transmitting sound-waves through steel, aluminum or fiberglass and into the water. The technology prevents and reduce algae and barnacle growth inside box-coolers, seachest, gratings, bucket strainers and hull surfaces. Ultrasonic antifouling systems will reduce the vessels fuel consumption, reduce maintenance cost and time spent in dry-dock.

Ultrasounds operates in the range of 20-100 kHz, above the audible spectrum, and cannot be heard by humans. Dolphins can only hear parts of the spectrum. Ultrasounds are produced in low strengths for fighting algae and barnacles growth. The sounds cannot be heard above sea level as they have difficulties traveling from sea to air. The effect of using ultrasounds has long been known and used in laboratories for fighting and ruining algae cells. The idea to use ultrasounds to prevent and fight algae growth came from a Belgian electrical engineer who worked for a tomato nursery. In nurseries, tomatoes grow without soil, but with roots directly in the water. Historically speaking, many efforts have been made to clean pools with algae growth. In 1999, the first ultrasonic transmitter fighting algae growth was launched for use in tomato nurseries. Since then, more than 14.000 units have been sold worldwide for use in the maritime industry, aquaculture, lakes, drinking reservoirs and swimming pools.

Ozone Systems

No other cleaning eliminates bacteria in seawater and freshwater as efficiently as ozone. No other cleaning and disinfection methods can be referred to as economic and environmentally friendly.  Water tanks, pipes, gratings, surfaces and refrigerated seawater systems (RSW) are kept clean without use of chemicals when being treated with ozone. A properly customized ozone cleaning and disinfection system is rational, efficient, and have low operating costs. Ozone can be used together with other methods of purification such as ultrasounds.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is an ‘active-oxygen’, an unstable molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. In nature, ozone is created by oxygen in the air being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Ozone acts powerful when oxidizing. Because of this effect, the gas has an ability to break down many substances and acts as a natural detergent. Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent that it is safe to use.

The capabilities of ozone allows it to kill bacteria, viruses, mildew, spores, cysts and yeast. It oxidises iron, magnesium, hydrogen sulfate and sulfur. When ozone comes in contact with chemicals, it oxidises or converts the chemical target into a harmless by-product. Ozone has a clear fresh smell, similar to that of when a thunderstorm has passed by.

The use of ozone has many advantages compared to other cleaning methods.

It develops no resistance to ozone as at other disinfection methods. Ozone is far more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. The reaction time of ozone is short and requires alot less contact than chemical substances. Ozone has a short lifetime. In volatile form, ozone lasts for 10 to 20 minutes before it reverts to normal oxygen again. Transportation, production, storage handling and discharge of chemicals will thus be reduced. The result is environmentally friendly and has health benefits.

Ozone can only be produced with on-site ozone generators, air and electricity. Correct ozone levels can be maintained electronically, and it is not necessary with manual measurement procedures.

Ozone cleaning has been used for a long time, but in Europe only over the last twenty to thirty years. Research has shown that chlorine may be harmful, as the scientific community has recommended it should be eliminated from the purification of drinking water, but also from other industrial activities.

Air Purifiers for Shipping, Offshore, Cruise Lines and Fishing vessels


Portable Systems:

AP 1000
AP 3000 (OZON)
EAGLE 5000

INDUCT Systems (HVAC):

INDUCT 10000

Why Ventitech Environmental?

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks and states “The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollution…”. Working to reduce or eliminate pollution at its source is the foundation of Ventitech air purification line. We provide environmental conditioning products that actively work out in the environment, taking the solution to the source, where it’s needed most.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas with manufacturing facilities in Bristol, Virginia, Ventitech Environmental was established upon a history of proven pioneering success in the air purification industry. Today Ventitech is part of a corporate family with more than 85 years experience engineering, developing, testing, and bringing to market products designed to create healthier indoor environments.

Ventitech focuses on delivering environmental conditioning products to the heating and air conditioning industry, residential new construction market, hospital and medical facilities, food service industry, and general commercial markets. For each of this segments, Ventitech continues to develop products, knowledge, training, and innovative ways to meet the increasing demand for improving and maintaining healthier living spaces and indoor environments.

Ventitech‘s ActivePure® Technology takes the solution to the source.

In the Air

ActivePure® is carried throughout an area, reducing smoke, odors, and contaminants where they start. It’s the primary reason Ventitech products can be so effective – whether it’s a fan in the unit or the fan in a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, moving air through an Ventitech unit is simply a means to deliver the power of ActivePure®. Much like dropping dye into water to see how it disperses, air in the environment is continuously treated, as long as the unit is in operation. This eliminates the need to try to pass all the air in the target area through the unit or worry about air exchange rates.

On Exposed Surfaces

 As the ActivePure®-rich air reaches interior surfaces, it continues to work, assisting in the maintenance of cleaning programs long after cleaners and disinfectants have evaporated (Note: ActivePure® is not intended as a substitute for cleaning or removing dirt, debris, or other physical sources of contamination). The same processes go to work inside ducts, on tables and counters, bathroom tiles, doorknobs, and almost every surface you can touch, helping to insure and maintain a more thorough cleaning regimen.

Tested For Effectiveness

The ActivePure® technology in Ventitech’s products has been rigorously tested for effectiveness in the air and on exposed surfaces. Testing results for a number of common contaminants and/or their surrogates are available upon request.

By engineering the proper light wavelengths into the ActivePure® cell, Ventitech Environmental has developed a highly effective system designed to utilize germicidal UV light. Falling between visible UV light and invisible X-Rays in the light spectrum, UVX makes use of the same oxidation and ionizing properties of light as naturally occurring sunlight. ActivePure® is created by taking advantage of these ionizing properties and combining them with the photocatalytic reactions of specific rare and noble metals. This innovative use of light is what helps make ActivePure so effective.

Ventitech INDUCT units install in any HVAC system directly into the plenum or directly above the air handler in remote or ‘downstream’ location. They work by converting water vapour (H2O) and Oxygen (O2) from untreated air into hydro-peroxides and hydroxyls, eliminating various microbes (odours, mould, bacteria, viruses, VOC’s etc) creating a healthier indoor environment. Untreated air enters the air handlers, passes by the INDUCT unit and releases treated air through the AC vents.


UNIVERSAL MARINE A/S is engaged with project-brokerage in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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